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The Czech National Genographic Database
Genomac výzkumný ústav
Drnovská 1112/60
161 00 Praha 6 - Ruzyně

Verze 1.5.2

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The Czech National Genographic Database

Registered by the Office for Personal Data Protection


Welcome to the Czech National Genographic Database!

These pages now provide access to the first version of the Genographic Database. The main aim of the database is to allow those interested to search for, find, and contact their unknown genetic relatives, so they may assemble and share genealogies. We believe that this database will result in the convergence of people, the sharing of information on their genetic origin, and last but not least, it will serve as an instrument in genealogical exploration. The database contains Y chromosomal and mitochondrial profiles that have relation to the genetic origin in the paternal and maternal lineage.


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Overview of the distribution of tested individuals in the respective regions of CR as of 15.08.2018.


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Visitors with a Y-profile from other renowned laboratories also have:

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