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New DNA database to help Czechs find relatives, ancestors

Source: CTK (2006-06-14)

Prague - The Czech Genomac company has launched a database of genetic information based on thousands of data it gained from people for whom it started to conduct tests of their genetic origin one year ago, Genomac director Marek Minarík told journalists on Wednesday.

"The great interest in genetic tests to determine people's origin has inspired us to found a bank of genetic information. People will be able to seek their genetic ancestors at ," he said. People will be able to trace their ancestors deep into history and find out from which parts of the world they came. Genomac's Jan Zástera said that a comparison of genetic information gives a 95 percent chance to find a genetic ancestor 50 to 60 generations back. One generation lasts 25 years for the database purposes. People may address through a contact centre their contemporaries with an identical profile. Some 5,000 Czechs have undergone the test to date, 60 percent of whom have agreed with being included in the database. On the basis of the data, a genetic map of the Czech Republic's population has been created. As expected, 40 percent of Czechs are of western Slav origin, 25 percent of Romanesque origin, 11 percent of southern Slav origin, 10 percent of German origin, and 5 percent of Semitic origin.

Estimated origins of the Czech population according to genetic indicators

1 - Eastern and Central Europe – Western Slavic (40%)
2 - Southwestern and Western Europe – Latin (25%)
3 - Southeastern Europe - The Balkans – Southern Slavic (11%)
4 - Northwestern Europe – Scandinavia, Germany (10%)
5 - Mediterranean, Balkan, North Africa – Semitic (5%)
6 - Mediterranean, Near East, Asia – Semitic (4%)
7 - Baltic, Scandinavia, Siberia – Urgo-Finnish(3%)
8 - Mediterranean, Caucuses – Southern Caucasian (1%)
9 - Northwestern Europe - British Isles – Germanic (1%)

Source: CTK